Friday, January 29, 2010

Walking Zombies

The day seems nothing
The night falls unknowing

They slept into darkness
And called it the future

There's time, they believed
So they slept full of greed

Time chased them faster
But hardly they felt the hunger

Awake now said the wind
Awake now said the rain
Awake now said the drought

Nothing could wake them up
For prejudice has eaten them inside-out

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lord Dictator

He decides, you abide.
In his kingdom, there's only
one right and one wrong.

You are his creation,
So is the universe.

The world is fighting for peace
and it's democracy in place.

So, tell me who's ruling who?

Anger Inherited

As they tread on the paths of glory
chopping the dreams fully knowing

Little they realised the taste of agony
That was brooding in the minds of growing

Go home inherit some courageous thinking
For you are sinking in the fear of losing

And the day comes when repentance becomes no epiphany
Try to fight and stand the catastrophe