Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yes, because I love you...

They share almost everything that comes between the earth and the sky. Be it the rains, the heat, the storm. They hardly complain about road-like driveways, bustling traffic, soaring temperatures and politics. The woman, who's in her twilight years, runs a coffee shop besides the newly opened dusty bypass road. She has a lean, light-brown 4-legged companion, some call him and his likes 'stray dogs'.

As the first truck stops by for a refreshing cuppa, his ferocious woofing becomes her daily wake-up call. He's a bit more than a friend to the woman. They talk. They fight. But their love is truly enviable.

On a hot and sunny afternoon, an orange seller who stopped by for a caffeine break, offered an orange to the woman. With a sudden rush, the woman looked around and yelled her heart out to offer a slice of bliss to her only friend. And with pure hesitation the stray boy sniffed the peel and accepted the woman' s offer with 100% discontent. For his love for her was beyond the taste of the orange.

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