Monday, March 15, 2010

Sell fish, sell anything.The bottom line is...

Deep down in the ocean, the fishes, small and big believed that the sea was their kingdom, only until they kissed the nets of the fishermen which appeared to them like castles. Some entered in hope, while some in their quest for adventure.

Little they knew about the men above the sea, who needed their lives to keep themselves alive. Fighting the storm, cursing the sun, they all ferried in merry, for their faith in Mother Ocean was unswerving.

Some men (the sober ones) believed that the fishes were made for people like them so that they could earn a living out of it. The others thought fishes were nothing but something that hated to make compromise with them.

Greed made a man rich, but need made him honest.

Out there in the paddy fields, the scarecrows stood tall throughout the day, through out the night. They were given a makeover once in a while so that they functioned as per the greed/need of the farmer. The scarecrow withstood the rains, the summer, and the winter. They finally found themselves in the shades of the mango tree, as the harvesters came into the scene.

The harvest did not meet the expectations of the farmers, as their needs also grew with their age. Still, at the end of the day they settled with what they had, cursing the bright blue sky that cast a spell over their heads…

Life continues…

Greed made a man rich and need made him selfish.

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  1. "Greed made a man rich, but need made him honest."

    I think need made him greedy. :D